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How To Get to Hotel Boss

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How To Get to Hotel Boss

If you have made your itinerary and include Hotel Boss Singapore as your accommodation, then you need to read this article. On this occasion, I will share with you how to get to the Hotel Boss, one of the best hotel which is eligible for you to redeem your Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers.

Just in case, you are an international tourist who wants to visit Singapore during the holiday season. There are many ways to get in there. Here are the simulations for you.

Note: the direction is from Changi Airport.

The easiest way to get to your destination, in this case, is to one of Singapore Hotels, you can get a taxi.  Simply go to the desk in front of the arrival gate, usually, the taxi officers will wave at you or there is a sign on the table. When you reach one of them, just ask for a taxi to drop you at the Hotel Boss lobby at Jalan Sultan, along Victoria Street. Tell them that it is near Lavender MRT station.

The distance from Changi Airport to the Hotel Boss is 20km. It will take around 17 minutes. Make sure you are asking for the rate before getting in the taxi. Usually, it will cost you around SGD 20.

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Taking MRT

If you love traveling a lot and want to try something new. I bet you will have this experience. Taking the MRT in Singapore is always a great choice. I love the MRT because I love looking around the stations and finding something new.

If you want to have this experience, you can take the MRT from Changi Airport. Just board the train at Changi Airport station (GC2 – Green Line). After that alight 2 stops later, at Tanah Merah (EW4) station. Then, transfer on the platform for trains heading towards Joo Koon. Alight 7 stops later at Lavender (EW11) station and take Exit B, Lavender St exit and walk 3 mins to arrive at Hotel Boss.

Well, it will take longer than getting in a taxi. You need around 30 minutes by MRT. But, it will be cheaper. It is only around SGD 2.30. The keyword is Lavender Station. Never hesitate to ask people around you.

By Bus

You need to pay around SGD 1.69 only if you go by bus. It is cheaper because it will take you 60 minutes to arrive. Without any further do, here are the steps to get on the bus. First, board bus 36 at the basement of Changi Airport Passengers Terminal Building 2. Then, alight at Maryland Park, Mountbatten Road, 14 stops later. Remember that you need to transfer to another bus. Board bus no 12 and alight at Hong Wen School, Victoria Street, 13 stops later. Voila!!! You arrive! Just cross the road to go to Hotel Boss.

Taking Airport Shuttle

Last but not the least, you can take the airport shuttle. It will cost you SGD 6 only. It is for each person. This airport shuttle is available at 11 am and 3 pm. What you have to do is register yourself at the tour desk level 1. There is a minimum requirement for your belongings. This shuttle allowed you to bring 1 large piece of luggage and 1 hand-carry luggage only.

From these four ways to get to Hotel Boss, you can choose your best from your personal consideration. If you are in a hurry and have no time to wait or be transferred from one bus to another, you can choose between taxi and MRT. The choice is yours.


Acuk Andrianto Seorang Perwira TNI AD Lulusan Akademi Militer ( Akmil ) Tahun 2004 Corps Infanteri. Membaca dan Menulis untuk meningkatkan Kemampuan Literasi .
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