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How to make money from YouTube For Beginners

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how to make money from youtube for beginners

Hi Indonesian Military Blog ” literacy Militer ” Lover, this opportunity we will discuss how to make money from youtube for beginners, Why ? Because this is an opportunity, especially for young soldiers to get income other than salary.

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How to make money from YouTube

YouTube is a digital platform that is quite popular and in demand by many people. Believe it or not, with YouTube you can earn a lot of money. If you’re curious and want to prove how to make money from YouTube,  you can check out this article until it’s finished.

Almost all people in the world use YouTube as a medium to channel hobbies or just enjoy the content inside.

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Why can’t you say to channel a hobby? Because on this YouTube platform you have the opportunity to become a Content Creator.

When you become a Content Creator,  the results of the videos you have made can be watched by many people.

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But besides being used to channel hobbies, there are more important things than that.

The most important thing about YouTube is that you can make money even up to hundreds of millions a month.

This has been proven by some people who manage YouTube channels and earn considerable money.

One of them is Atta halilintar or The King of YouTuber from Indonesia. He is one of the content creators  from Indonesia who successfully in the field of YouTube.

From the success of AttaHalilintar, many of my friends want to try to become a Content Creator on YouTube.

Of course not only to channel hobbies but to earn extra income isn’t it ?

Well for those of you who may have read this article and are finally interested in how to earn money from YouTube? You can read this article to the end!

Create a YouTube Channel

The first step if you want to become a youtuber is to have a YouTube channel.

Create a YouTube channel that you can do in person or with your friends. When  you want to build a new channel you need to think about what content you want to  create in the future.

And the most important thing is that the content you are going to create should attract and not bore your loyal  audience.

Registering Your Channel To Google Adsense Program

So you can make money from the YouTube channel you create. You’ll need to register that YouTube channel  for monetisation.

To register a YouTube account for monetization, please  follow the tutorial below.

The first is that you have to log into the account information. After that you search the Creator studio menu and press channel menu >  status and features.

The last step is that you just have to select enable monetization  and give tanda check in the agreement column.

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The rule of YouTube for monetization-worthy channels is that it must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 airtimes.

This must be fulfilled within the last 12 months. If you meet theserequirements, YouTube will review your  channel.

The purpose of reviewing the channel is to check the content you’ve created whether it’s original or duplicate content.

Related With Adsense

Being a creator on YouTube you can earn money from a variety of sources.These sources include the number of views and revenue from AdSense ads.

To be able to make money from Google Adsense ads you need to register them first.

Once you’ve linked your YouTube channel to GoogleAdsense. Then Google Adsense will review your channel again to make sure that the channel is ready to serve ads  or not.

These ads will be money when people watch content you’ve created.

Calculation of earnings from Google Adsense include Cost Per Mile ( CPM ) or income from every 1000 impressions. The value of the cpm varies can be 1 dollar or more.


You all must have known the term endorsement. This endorsement is that you as the owner of a YouTube channel promote someone else’s products.

The way to promote it is by you making a video. And in the video is tucked into the product to be sold.

If we look at channels that are already large and have a lot of subscribers often the owner of the Account does endorse cooperation with well-known brands.

For the income from this Indonesian cooperation activities of course varies. So the revenue is based on the agreement between the channel owner and the party who wants to promote the product.

So you will earn income from YouTube by looking for sponsorship or Endorse cooperation.

To Be Content Creator Channel

Here you will earn money from YouTube through creating videos and then selling them to others.

The trick is that you just have to offer your services to someone else’s YouTube channel.

So if the account owner approves your request to offer your work in the form of a video. You will earn money from the sales activities of the content.

Live streaming

Have you ever watched a live stream on YouTube? If ever for sure you’ve also seen people give money from watching those live streams.

Usually youtubers who often do this. From these activities we can learn that by doing live streaming can also make money.

In addition we can also be closer to the width of our YouTube channel.

Create cool and unique content

Earning money from YouTube is easy to find difficult. Why would that be? Surely because digital competition is so tight.

If the work we create is not interesting or unique.  So very few people are interested in the content we create.

As a result of our small YouTube audience, then we also earn a little.

Therefore, you must create content that is interesting and unique and in demand by many people in order to increase your income from YouTube.

Reasons for choosing to make money from YouTube

We must all know that YouTube is a long-time video sharing platform. Although the age of YouTube is relatively old but still exists in the digital world.

Thus allowing us as YouTube Creators to be able to make money in the long run.

So you do not need to worry if one day Youtube is down. Because if you  look at the charts of fans of the YouTube platform is currently increasing.

Now is a great time where you have to pour ideas to make money from YouTube.

So many articles from us on how to make money from YouTube easily. Remember, beinga YouTuber must be painstaking and abstinence from creating content.

Hopefully this article you have written can be useful for you and can make you  a  successful YouTuber and make a lot of money.

well, that’s our discussion on how to make money from YouTube for beginners, hopefully it’s useful

Acuk Andrianto Seorang Perwira TNI AD Lulusan Akademi Militer ( Akmil ) Tahun 2004 Corps Infanteri. Membaca dan Menulis untuk meningkatkan Kemampuan Literasi .
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